Plugin Demo

Everslider WP Plugin comes with three predefined carousel templates that you can use right away. They are called “Default”, “Basic” and “Photo”. Also there is special “Custom” template to build carousel slides on your own by using html/css and a set of placeholders. Examples of different templates you can find below. Enjoy!

Photo Template

Everslider as photo slider with image captions

Basic Template

Everslider as featured works slider in carousel mode, with autoplay and mousewheel navigation

Default Template

Everslider as recent post carousel, that works in circular mode, has keyboard navigation and slides with variable height

Custom Template

This example uses “fade” animation effect (available since Everslider v1.4) and “Custom” carousel template with your own HTML/CSS and placeholders to get actual post data.

Custom Template with Video

Here you can see how it’s easy to create carousel with your favorite videos from Vimeo using “Custom” template and make it all perfectly responsive! Use mousewheel or navigation to scroll videos