Seria is a multi-purpose vertical slideshow plugin that can be used to create product showcases, photo galleries, display blog posts or news.

Plugin can be easily customized to suit any particular needs - check examples below. Also you get wide support for different browsers, starting with IE8 up to the latest mobiles and tablets.

Purchase for $9 One client, single user license *

Example 1 - Default settings

Example 2 - This example uses "style2" of photo expand feature that allows you to scroll photos in larger size. Also since version 1.2 of Seria plugin you can configure transparancy and color for adjacent photo covers using corresponding plugin options

Example 3 - By default Seria works in "carousel" mode. Here we switched plugin to "normal" mode, where it stops on first/last item. Also you can see that adjacent images are hidden, and description fade works in "horizontal" direction

Example 4 - In this last example Seria works in "normal" mode with adjacent photos that are partially visible. Description fade is now set to "vertical" direction and it works similar to Example 2, however description fade and scroll are not synced (fadeSync option)

Example 5 (Bonus!) - As I stated before it's very easy to customize Seria plugin! With just few CSS modifications and additional style for description I created this example :)

Seria plugin among others allows you to change following settings

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